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Blog: More OT IX & X Nonsense - 2016-05-03

F376.png More OT IX & X Nonsense May 3, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This email, perhaps more clearly than anything I have seen demonstrates the insanity that pervades scientology's endless carrot dangling for "eternal spiritual freedom."

When you have finally spent enough time and money to make your way through OT VIII "the first real OT level" — you are now instructed that in order to continue to long-promised OT IX and X (which do not exist) you will have to start at the VERY bottom and repeat all that over again in order to be eligible to take the next step.

The illogic of this is astonishing. The only reason to do the Student Hat, Purif and Objectives when you come INTO scientology is to "prepare you" for getting "real auditing" on the Bridge. They are "undercuts" to being able to run Grades Processes and Dianetics. You will be too enmeshed in misunderstood words, drug induced stupors and "out of present time" to really benefit from auditing.