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Blog: More Of What Is Happening Inside The Bubble - 2014-04-15

F376.png More Of What Is Happening Inside The Bubble April 15, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

More revealing details from inside the hushmail bubble....

Great to see the IAS coming along to the Flag OTC to quote from "COB's speech" and tell everyone they should be increasing their status as they move up the Bridge. Of course, if they were to be asked about this by the IRS they would claim there is NO relationship with moving up the Bridge and IAS statuses. But you know, that's just "wog" law. Not important to anyone important (like us in the IAS).

These guys lie about their own stats to themselves. It is remarkable to see how the culture of peddling bs and then buying what you are selling is so ingrained inside the bubble. What they REALLY mean to say is that 88% of all members of the OTC have enough money left on account that they can be debited for an extension course so they can say they are "on lines", with a few of them sporadically going to the course room and a handful proudly donning their blue and white "Purif Uniforms" or "Cause Resurgence Running Program running shoes" and passing through retina scans and frisk downs to enter the SP Cathedral and participate in the most astonishing, life-changing, OT wins imaginable this side of redoing their Objectives and Student Hat.