Blog: More Tampa Org Fail - 2020-02-19

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F376.png More Tampa Org Fail February 19, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

(Note: this came in a few weeks ago and I overlooked it).

I have done a few recent posts about the state of the two best ideal orgs on earth — the artificial "model Class V" org in Los Angeles that is manned by 200 Sea Org members (who will be there regardless if they are doing anything that generates even enough income to support their $50 a week "wages") and the other artificial "model Class V St Hill Size" org in Tampa that lives off the crumbs from Flag. The people who do not qualify for Flag services are sent there. The Flag public have their children join staff there to avoid them going into the Sea Org. Local scientologists do courses there so they can claim they are "progressing up the Bridge" when the Flag regges corner them. If Tampa org were located in Columbus it would look like Columbus does — a few lonely staff trying to cajole money out of even less numbers of harrowed public.

So, here we have the mighty Tampa announcing their "goals" over the next 7 weeks. (This post is a bit dated — just haven't gotten around to posting it).