Blog: More on the "Wog" Face of the Freewinds - 2019-08-14

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F376.png More on the "Wog" Face of the Freewinds August 14, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Valeska sent me this write up with some further information, and it is an opportunity to republish the photo of Carol that was sent in by a reader. Also at the end I have included a comment posted by Jeff Hawkins about how Carol came to be the "Face of the Freewinds".

Valeska wrote:

Carol was sent to the RPF in late 2008 for being suicidal and having "case on post" and for wanting to leave the Sea Org. This was orchestrated by Lurie Belotti, (RTC Rep Ship) and Sue Price, (CO CMO Ship). She came to the ANZO RPF when I was there and was refusing to sign the legal papers giving her consent to start the RPF as she wanted to leave the Sea Org. As the D/Bosun Tech RPF I was assigned to talk to her and convince her to do the RPF to no avail.