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Blog: My Story Showed Up In The Media - 2017-10-20

F0.png My Story Showed Up In The Media October 20, 2017, Peter Nyiri, The Sea Organization

Well, the details got changed around a bit, but this is what was published yesterday on a Hungarian news site...

A Contract For One Billion Years

In September, the story of a deserter Scientologist from Hungary, Péter Nyíri, came to the Internet. Nyíri became a member of one of the most infamous organizations in the Church, the so-called Sea Org. This is a sort of religious order of Scientologists, members work on church owned ships. They need to sign a contract that they undertake to serve the Church for the next one billion years (i. e. after their death in their next incarnations). Members who left reported that the Sea Org has a half-military, totalitarian atmosphere, the disciplinary department of the Church strictly punishes all kinds of offenses, while Org members are working 12 to 16 hours a day.