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Blog: Newsflash: Cambridge Org is Now "Humanitarian" - 2013-04-23

F376.png Newsflash: Cambridge Org is Now "Humanitarian" April 23, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The first org in the world is now "humanitarian". What an honor! Seems like the right amount of money can buy a status not only for anyONE but for anyTHING. I am not sure even the Popes of the Middle Ages sold indulgences to entire churches?

And how appropriate it is to spread the largesse so well piloted for individuals to whole churches. No need to keep your ethics in/train/audit or DO any humanitarian work/good deeds — just GIVE the appropriate bribe, payment, pay off er... donation and all will be taken care of. Then you can proudly promote your accomplishments status for all the world to see.

Thank the heavens for the genius of COB doing EXACTLY what LRH wanted!! Three cheers for Command...