Blog: OTC News - 2014-03-11

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F376.png OTC News March 11, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

In the spirit of the Golden Age of OTC Security, here is some news.

First, from the "EUS" OT Committee — whatever that may be.

Atlanta is going to be their next Ideal Org. Amazing prediction. Wonder if New Haven is EVER going to be done. They have had their building for about 10 years, sitting empty. Or Harlem? Surely Harlem is going to be next? After all, Miscavige has shown Harlem about 3 different times, along with his efforts to sound "hip and cool." Oh, Boston? They bought a huge new building, also sitting idle? That is one of the "big" EUS orgs. How about Miami? They have an empty ideal building too... So do Chicago. And Detroit. And Battle Creek, another building about as old as New Haven's. What a mess of incomplete half-dones.