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Blog: Open Letter to Residents of Ingleside on the Bay Texas - 2011-06-26

F0.png Open Letter to Residents of Ingleside on the Bay Texas June 26, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

June 28 morning update (10:15 a.m.). I just got back from a six mile bike ride. Thanks to the good citizens of IOB I am afforded such luxuries because as you will see a number of unnamed heroes have got my back. I was followed down a relatively desolate 2-lane hiway by a gold sedan manned with cult spies with cameras. As I returned to IOB I was greeted (in what was supposed to be an ambush) by three cult members in a golf cart as I rounded the corner into our little town. All of this was witnessed and then reported by locals the moment I arrived home.

June 27 morning update. The incident captured on video immediately below occurred at ten a.m. this morning. It is apparently the Miscavige Cult's response to the post that follows:

My name is Mark "Marty" Rathbun. I live at 115 Bayshore Court . My wife Monique and I have been residents of Ingleside on the Bay (IOB) since November 1, 2006. For three years we rented the light blue house at 902 S Sandpiper from Janie and Pat Hunt. We leased a home on the canal on Woodhaven for a year before moving to our present location last November.