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Blog: PC Folders Are Confidential - 2014-03-07

F376.png PC Folders Are Confidential March 7, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The church lawyers who stand on their hind legs in court and proclaim the absolute sanctity of pc folders should get a load of this.

The lies the church tells the public, media and courts about how NOBODY can access pc folders except the auditor and C/S are exposed by the "CF I/C OTC DK Org" (I guess the OTC is now a "shadow org" with duplicate posts to the org itself). The fact that a public person is recruiting other random public to "go through pc folders" and "pull out data" is one of the more remarkable FB posts I have come across.

So typical of the RCS. Virtually everything they say in court is a lie designed to forward their objectives. If they don't want to turn over evidence of their abuses, they tell the courts nobody can access pc folders. Meanwhile, this is reality. If they want to prevent Miscavige from having liability, they tell the courts he has NO involvement in the activities of the church — meanwhile, he is micromanager par excellence (and if they think you want to hear how amazing he is, his own staff will tell you he does literally everything — see the declarations they filed with the Tampa Bay Times).