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Blog: Phil Colson Speaks - 2013-04-23

F376.png Phil Colson Speaks April 23, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is the first in a series of postings giving some insight into "Life Is Good After Corporate Scientology". In this case, it also acts as somewhat of a Declaration of Independence for Phil. He is well known in the Denver field as you will see from his write up. Future posts will provide updates on how life is going for some others who are well known to many as prominent former church members. It's part of the program to help those who are under the radar or in doubt to see that there is life, a happier and more fulfilling life, as a former SO member, staff member or reg bait. Mike Rinder

My name is Phil Colson I came into Scientology in 1983 my first session in the Denver Org was a Book 1 session that blew me out for a week and handled my major ruin in this life. This was life changing. I would drink enough whiskey every night to put me to sleep, but it was three months after this session that I realized I had not had a drink and did not desire to. I was sold, Scientology works, and I am going up the Bridge. B y 1990 I had achieved the status of OT8.

I loved the lower grades and had many wins. These were done in Denver. I then started going to Flag. The auditing I did at Flag plus the services there always left me with question marks. The truth is I hated Flag and always felt rather dirty during and after my trips. I used to tell people who I could trust, "It takes me at least 6 months to get myself back to normal after visiting Flag."