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Blog: Planetary Clearing in Reverse - 2020-03-01

F376.png Planetary Clearing in Reverse March 1, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is a new Clear proudly displaying his "Clear Bracelet" numbered 73,357.

Let us assume for arguments sake that there have in fact been 75,000 Clears made. The number is significantly lower, most of the lower numbers are for people who were subsequently declared "Not Clear" and also every org is allocated a certain block of numbers — there are probably 5,000 numbers out there waiting to be claimed, Salt Lake City gets 71,401 to 71,500 and Atlanta has 71,901 to 72,000 etc etc. But 75,000 is a nice round number that is pretty easy to do the math with.

Since 1950 that is a little over 1,000 Clears per year.