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Blog: Possession and Dependency - 2012-04-24

F0.png Possession and Dependency April 24, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Possession is the way you pin people down. If you give them enough possessions, you fixed them. You really fixed them. The way to ruin somebody would be to give him a million dollars! That would just ruin him. Right now there's a government on the face of the earth which is making a principle of giving everybody money. And I'll be a son of a gun if people don't take it. It's a sure way to ruin. To have, to have, to have, to have; a dependency, a dependency, a dependency — it's ruinous. Because the only way to have is to create and then not have. Just create and not have, create and not have, create and not have will put you in full command of time and make you cause without ever getting an effect And the magician wanted this answer — oh, my God, how he wanted that answer! And there it is for you. If you create, create, create, create, create, you never violate the second law of magic, "Do not be hoist by your own petard." "Do not be an effect to your own cause." And the only way you can be an effect to your own cause is to keep moving up the time stream and acting after you've postulated. So you want it — if you can get it on the level of create, create, create, create, create, create, then you'll never have "have" You haven't got time!

So, how do you avoid this? Never borrow any money from a bank — make it. Never accept a gift — make it. Dealing in the MEST (Matter, Energy, Space, Time) universe you can shilly-shally around and monkey around a little bit if you want to, shift possessions around — don't take them very seriously.

- L Ron Hubbard, 7 November 1952