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Blog: Prevention of Bridge Progress in Corporate Scientology - 2011-02-04

F0.png Prevention of Bridge Progress in Corporate Scientology February 4, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

The upshot of "Golden Age of Tech", "Golden Age of Tech for OTs", and what has become the standard operating procedure OT VII every six month "fixation on pt life rudiments intensives" is the prevention of auditing and progress up the Bridge toward spiritual freedom. These practices have implanted a super fixidity in auditors upon pt behaviors of pre Clears and pre OTs. And it gives pre Clears and pre OTs ARC breaks and Present Time Problems they did not have before engaging in such expensive "auditing." It is a violation of the CONTRACT entered into by every pre Clear and every pre OT with the church at the start of his or her journey. The EP of Miscavige-tech super fixation on rudiments - whether it be actual rudiments (at the start of each session) or effective rudiments (repeated and endless sec checking) is OUT RUDIMENTS. Where did I get such a blasphemous idea? From auditing dozens of refugee Corporate Scientology folk in the manner L. Ron Hubbard suggested they be audited and from L. Ron Hubbard himself stating it as a TECHNICAL FACT:

Well, the first obersvation we can make, that rudiments go out to the degree that auditing doesn't get done. That's a direct ratio. Rudiments go out to the degree that auditing does not get done.

Now, this poses you a problem. If you are using no session to put rudiments in, if you use no time at all to put rudiments in, of course, you're apparently around the bend as far as handling the pc, because the rudiments are out. You see, here's a puzzle that we face at once. If you're not spending any time putting the rudiments in, of course, the rudiments are going to go out. But the more time you spend putting the rudiments in, the more rudiments you've got to put in. Have you got that?