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Blog: REAL Expansion STATS - 2013-09-15

F376.png REAL Expansion STATS September 15, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

One of our Special Correspondents sent in this very well constructed chart.

In keeping with recent posts, it highlights once again, USING THE CHURCH'S OWN BOOKS AND WEBSITE, how there is NO EXPANSION anywhere other that supposed Missions in Asia and Russia and former Soviet satellites.

There is no real expansion since the mid 90's. Funny, the granting of tax exemption to the churches at the end of 1993 was supposed to have marked the beginning of the golden age of Scientology. At least that is what Miscavige said. He announced that because HE had personally brought the IRS to its knees, "The War Was Over" and an era of unprecedented expansion was upon us. He is STILL saying it today. He always HAS to be right, so he is going to keep saying this til his last breath.