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Blog: Radical Scientology's Cross Over Mecca - 2010-09-06

F0.png Radical Scientology's Cross Over Mecca September 6, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

I've got two and one half words for those Miscavige sheeple who might point to the following promotion piece and repeat to you some hackneyed propaganda line like, "you see, Miscavige really is following through!" Check out the promo and then I'll give you a good two and one half word response.

In my opinion, the only appropriate two and one half words in response are: You're Welcome.

If anyone attributes this "committment" suddenly being made by Miscavige to open the mecca in the near future to anything other than word spreading far and wide in the field that Super Power is a Miscavige Ponzi scheme, he or she must be a full-fledged, diamond encrusted, DM sheeple, with honors.