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Blog: Real Stats From Inside The Bubble - It's Grim - 2013-12-01

F376.png Real Stats From Inside The Bubble - It's Grim December 1, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

While the meaningless hype has hit the airwaves about the stupendous, amazing, incredible feats of the most important, dauntless, defiant, deviant force for planetary salivation ever in the history of everness — We Are The IAS, hip hip hooray for ourselves — there is something else that landed in my inbox that is far more interesting.

Pasadena has been the poster child for asserting the instant straight up and vertical expansion that follows the ribbon crashing down on the assembled staff and hired extras of an Ideal Org "grand opening." From Craig and Sally Jensen to Tim and Rona Bowles, some big time brown-nosers have taken to the airwaves to tout the wonders of Ideal Orgism to the rest of the world. Pasadena is a model of how an Ideally Org takes off in a straight up and vertical spurt. One of our Special Correspondents reported on the existing scene after observing the org preparing for one of their Gold photoshoots.

Now we have a new email that details the actual stats of completions on the Golden Age of Knowledge and the Basics.