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Blog: Ripple In Still Water - 2013-06-04

F0.png Ripple In Still Water June 4, 2013, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

We have been pretty much closed to folk visiting Casablanca over the past few months while I wrapped up Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior. Now that the book is done and available I am scheduling people again for consultation.

I am in progress on the follow up book to Memoirs which will spell out in some detail how it is that I believe certain principles codified by L. Ron Hubbard can be sensibly practiced; that is, how they can be integrated, how they can evolve, and how people can learn from that to transcend. One of the purposes of Memoirs was to set the factual foundation for that presentation. It is difficult to communicate to closed minds that are implanted and conditioned to not dare think along those lines. I have been labeled by some Scientologists as being like a 'Nazi War Criminal', 'Gestapo', and worse for attempting to have that conversation. The reasons for such a reaction are pretty well spelled out in Memoirs. Rather than waste time attempting to debate with such a mindset, I decided it made more sense for me to spell out the facts that led me to consider that people need to graduate from that frame of mind in order to get anywhere meaningful. Hopefully Memoirs will help to accomplish that. Certainly, the follow up book will be all about how to do that.

I am no longer wasting time with the necessarily interminable argumentation on what constitutes 'standard technology', 'standard admin', and such . You might come to understand through Memoirs how it is that Scientology is hardwired to create that perpetual state of conflict and how it will continue to manifest down through the ages (to no possible substantive conclusions) if anyone in the future continues to find that activity worthwhile. In either event, I don't find that rancorous debate productive. Most of the people who want to argue (or disconnect) on that subject don't have much of a production record anyway, so it is like fighting with a gossamer of theory based on a patchwork of quotations.