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Blog: Ron says.... - 2016-10-26

F376.png Ron says.... October 26, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Yowza — they actually picked this quote out to publish it?

This isn't very complimentary about children and frankly, does not make a whole lot of sense. If the cause of all this terribleness is their reactive mind, why should it be worse when they are children? How does your reactive mind alleviate itself as you grow older if you don't have auditing?

Whether L. Ron Hubbard loved or hated children (he certainly fathered plenty - but didn't seem to fare too well raising them...) this yet again demonstrates the mindless robotism prevalent in scientology. Because L. Ron Hubbard said something it must be good. And should be promoted and presented as if everyone should think it is wonderful.