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Blog: Ryan Hogarth Steps Forward - 2013-12-09

F376.png Ryan Hogarth Steps Forward December 9, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The disintegration of the Radical Church in South Africa is rolling forward at a rapid clip.

The Sea Org Missionaires sent to try and regain control of the train that left the station are doing their best imitation of kamikaze pilots as they head straight down and vertical in a spectacular suicide mission. Not only did they arrive with a bang and declare 18 prominent OTs and field Opinion Leaders (including the biggest supporters of the Ideal Orgs in South Africa) they are now conducting a witch hunt "Comm Ev" that is soliciting rumors and "declaring" the next round of those who are not in agreement with their gestapo tactics. This is a failed mission floundering around in a scene that is far worse than what they expected to find. It's a suicide mission if ever there was one....

And that brings us to Ryan Hogarth.