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Blog: STAAD Gives Itself a Pat on the Back - 2018-12-12

F376.png STAAD Gives Itself a Pat on the Back December 12, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here we have an example of classic scientology spin.

Like they claim the IAS was founded with the Portland Crusade to "defend the rights of scientologists" (when it was actually a way of keeping money outside the purview of the IRS), so too STAAD has a "creation myth" that it came about as a response to "requests by scientology parishioners for a platform to speak out against discrimination." That is of course "utter bullshit" to quote David Miscavige in his last official statement to the press.

The STAAD League was a bright idea to "combat" the negative PR generated by The Aftermath with another scientology site dedicated to smearing those exposing the abuses in scientology. This one is oriented towards painting scientology as victims of bigotry and religious hate crimes. They glom onto any event that happens and Ed Parkin (who is pretty much the entirety of STAAD) - a long term staff in OSA International, tweets and writes blog articles that first decry hatred and bigotry against Jews, Christians, Nation of Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses and then use that as a springboard to spew hate and bigotry of their own, almost exclusively targeted at Leah Remini, me or our contributors.