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Blog: Scientologists Are Not Jews in the Holocaust - 2015-03-31

F0.png Scientologists Are Not Jews in the Holocaust March 31, 2015, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

Scientology cult leader David Miscavige speaking to Scientologists from one of his Nuremberg Rally themed stage sets.

Led by violent narcissist David Miscavige, the psycho-terrorist organization known as the Church of Scientology has spent the past month hysterically attacking, defaming, and lashing out at everyone involved in HBO's documentary Going Clear. Millions of tax exempt dollars were spent by Scientology to create and promote hate websites; purchase Google ads; pay for twitter campaigns; and finance Facebook attacks. There were also Scientology-paid PI's seeking to intimidate people, threat letters sent out from Scientology's attorneys, and other forms of Scientology intimidation.

Having failed to stop Going Clear, the cosmically insane Church of Scientology is now taking its usual fallback position: It is screaming that Scientologists are exactly like the Jews in the Holocaust. This is an outrageous and highly offensive propaganda card Scientology has played for decades. Scientologist Bodhi Elfman tweeted this obscenity today: