Blog: Scientology's 2009 Letter to an Australian Commission is Incredibly Revealing - 2019-02-21

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F0.png Scientology's 2009 Letter to an Australian Commission is Incredibly Revealing February 21, 2019, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

A DVD distributed by the Church of Scientology in response to Anonymous' protests. Scientology is once again pushing its same tired old message: Those who expose Scientology are all haters, bigots, criminals, terrorists, etc. Scientology will never address the substances of any criticisms as L. Ron Hubbard taught, "Never make it about us. Always make it about them." Deflection is the Cult's stock in trade.

In 2009 the Church of Scientology submitted a letter to a commission in Australia. The letter concerned Anonymous. This letter is extremely revealing as it shows how much Scientology feared Anonymous' street protests and online activism. True to form, Scientology tried to paint Anonymous as terrorists, criminals, and cyber-terrorists.The letter shows just how effective Anonymous' use of Guy Fawkes masks was in defeating Scientology's cameras and ability to identify individuals for Fair Game. OSA taunted Anons to take off their masks for a reason this letter revealed: If OSA could identify Anons then it could sue them. In order words, Scientology could use the legal system to harass critics.

Scientology revealed its "buttons" in this letter:1. Anonymous was creating "loathing of Scientology and Scientologists through a deliberate campaign of public disinformation." Translated, this means Anonymous' was exposing Scientology's inhumane practices of Disconnection, greed, exploitation of Sea Org members, the physical violence of David Miscavige, and were publicly exposing the OT materials. As a consequence of this exposure, Scientologists felt they had become loathsome and disgusting to the general public. Our Response: The fact is that if your "Church" uses child labor, breaks up families, covers up for rapists and pedophiles, exploits Sea Org labor, bankrupts its own members, engages in credit card fraud and creates hate websites in which it libels and defames its former members and critics, then your Church and its members should incur the public odium and disgrace that comes with such unconscionable, immoral, and evil conduct. Scientologists are loathsome and despicable for supporting their Church's campaigns of psycho-terrorism. Tom Cruise needs to own this as does every Scientologist whose donations pay for the atrocities perpetrated by Scientology's Office of Special Affairs. It is schizophrenic for Scientologists to claim Scientology is engaging in good works even as Scientology engages in horrific acts of psycho-terrorism designed to destroy others. Scientologists don't want to publicly own up to who they are as a group and would rather call those who expose them "haters" and "bigots." This ruse is phony and the public sees right through it. 2. In its letter Scientology complains that, "The Church of Scientology has regularly been subject to relentless ridicule and misinformation by the media. The adverse effect of such media reports on this Church and our parishioners was reported to the Commission...."Our Response: What this shows is that satire and humor are effective against Scientology. For example, Scientology cannot publicly admit that Xenu and body thetans constitute the core of the OT levels. Nobody cares what Scientologists believe. The humor is in watching Scientologists trying to deny what is in the court record due to Steven Fishman and Karin Spaink.