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Blog: Scientology's Empty Boycott Threats - 2018-01-30

F379.png Scientology's Empty Boycott Threats January 30, 2018, John P. Capitalist, Reasoned.Life

A few months ago, Scientology "targeted" a few national advertisers whose ads appeared on Leah Remini's hit A&E show "Scientology and the Aftermath," implying a boycott might be lurking. Earlier in 2017, Scientology announced a boycott of Clearwater businesses to show their economic impact on the city after losing the land deal they wanted.

What kind of pressure could Scientology bring to bear on an advertiser, to bend them to its will? How rapidly can their ire affect a big company and show Corporate America who's boss? We analyze the effectiveness of consumer boycotts in general and Scientology's whine-fest in particular.

Scientology's Failed Attempts to Boycott Clearwater Businesses