Blog: Scientology's Response to Episode 5 - 2017-09-14

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F376.png Scientology's Response to Episode 5 September 14, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Time to take a look at the weekly "response" from scientology to The Aftermath's latest episode.

It is of course as pathetic as all their previous efforts because they cannot address the FACTS, so they exclusively deal in ad hominem attacks pursuant to scientology policy.

I will endeavor to bring some semblance of truth to the stream of lies they put forth about JB and Jackson. Scientology is wearing a trail into the carpet — everyone is a bad person, they are all "low-level" nobodies, they all have "confessions" that "prove" they are liars, cheats and thieves and not a single person was in a position to know anything ever.