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Blog: Scientology's Totally Insane Recruitment Methods - 2017-03-09

F0.png Scientology's Totally Insane Recruitment Methods March 9, 2017, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

Today we are going to talk about two of my favorite subjects: Scientology recruitment and conspiracy theories. Now by Scientology recruitment I don't mean getting people in to do their silly personality tests or sign up for their courses, but I mean the actual recruitment activities to get people to join Scientology staff or to sign a billion year contract of committment for Scientology's elite core group, the Sea Organization. We're actually going to concentrate on Sea Org recruitment specifically, but all the methods I am going to describe here are used to a greater or lesser extent to recruit Scientologists for staff at local, city-level churches as well. I'm pretty sure some of you watching this may find a lot of what I'm going to talk about unbelievable, but I swear it's all true. We really used to do this stuff and as far as I know, Scientology recruiters still do. A lot of people think that the Xenu narrative is the most crazy part of Scientology but I think you may change your mind after you hear all of this. Not every Scientologist falls for Hubbard's conspiracy theories, but most of them do.

I haven't really gone into this whole topic in much detail until now. In March of 2014, just a couple of months after I'd been declared a suppressive person by the Church of Scientology for daring to think for myself, I was writing articles on Mike Rinder's Blog and one of those was called "Sea Org Recruiters - The Ultimate Merchants of Chaos." According to L. Ron Hubbard, "There are those who could be called 'merchants of chaos.' These are people who want an environment to look very, very disturbing. These are people who gain some sort of advantage, they feel, if the environment is made to look more threatening." I'm going to review some parts of that article here and then greatly elaborate on them.

Scientology does not hire people. It recruits them. The reason it does this is because Scientology is a money-making scam which cons people with vague promises, half truths and some pretty whopping outright lies about its operations and what it will do for people who join up. The staff who work for Scientology are classified as religious volunteers and therefore by law do not have to be paid anything for their time and energy, which just means more money is flowing up to the top. The staff don't realize the actual situation and they think they are doing their work for altruistic reasons to help save Mankind. So how do you get people in a frame of mind to do this, where they think Scientology is so important that they will put their own personal survival and livelihood on the line? I spent a year doing staff and Sea Org recruitment and worked with a couple of the most successful Sea Org recruiters on the planet. During that time, I learned a few things that you should know.