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Blog: Scientology's View On Psychiatry - 2014-08-10

F376.png Scientology's View On Psychiatry August 10, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

As I listened to Sylvia Stanard respond to a question about the scientology view of psychiatry at the Chauquatua conference (see at 1:19;45), I could not help but be amazed a the "spin" she sought to put on this.

She claims that the church is only opposed to the "mind altering drugs, ECT and abuses in the field of mental health."

An "acceptable truth" — along with so many others she delivered that day — but you have to wonder why when addressing a sophisticated audience of "thinkers and seekers" she didn't tell them the real truth? Why NOT explain the REAL beliefs of the church? No self-respecting Christian would try to mealy-mouth the virgin birth? A Christian Scientist would not try to claim they are NOT opposed to blood transfusions. Every religion (and even more so, every cult) has unprovable beliefs. She claimed that OT III was just "taken from someone's auditing notes" and is not part of "published" scientology. And that disconnection doesn't apply if someone is just "critical" or "leaves the church" it is only used when, for example, a woman is in an abusive relationship. And many more examples.