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Blog: Scientology "Dead Agents" Itself - 2015-11-04

F376.png Scientology "Dead Agents" Itself November 4, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

As the media onslaught surrounding Troublemaker continues unabated, now hitting Entertainment Tonight, People mag, the Washington Post and everywhere else you turn, scientology is in bunker mode. Refusing all media inquiries for "spokespeople" and dishing out the same old cut and paste "responses."

And as with every media who has sought to cover anything related to scientology, ABC received the usual litany of letters prior to the airing of the 20/20 piece. Each of them complains about how their sources are disreputable liars, every question the media asks is ludicrous and accusing them of missing the real story of scientology (massive international expansion under the brilliant leadership of David Miscavige, proven by the number of square feet of empty buildings he has cut ribbons on).

Those ABC letters have now been put on one of the church's websites.