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Blog: Scientology "Expansion" - The Reality - 2019-04-14

F376.png Scientology "Expansion" - The Reality April 14, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientology routinely claims "massive expansion" and "we are the fastest growing religion on earth" and other ludicrous claims. To "prove" it they always talk about "Opening new churches at an unprecedented rate" and show pictures of Miscavige yanking his ribbon in front of adoring crowds as balloons waft into the air in celebration...

This large lie seems to work with the sheeple, and even some less than diligent media. After all, they have held grandiose ceremonies for 4 or 5 "new churches" each year. In fact these are not new "churches" they are simply new premises for old and failing scientology outposts.

And here is a new promo piece that puts a spotlight on the true picture of the Alice in Wonderland world of scientology.