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Blog: Scientology - Wrong Source - 2016-01-10

F376.png Scientology - Wrong Source January 10, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientologists pride themselves in proclaiming they understand how to correctly locate and assign "cause." This is a fundamental concept in both tech and admin. "Spotting correct source" and finding "real why's" and "spotting exact time, place, form and event" are catchphrases sprinkled through the scientology jargon. There are examples cited by Hubbard all over the place about "wrong-targeting" - the guy who is upset by his wife and irrationally "kicks the cat" etc etc

Hubbard proclaimed the Data Series as the pinnacle of logical thought. How you identify illogical thinking and come to the correct conclusion about the real cause of a situation. Identifying correct "ownership" is what everything from OT III through OT VII is all about. And much more. There is even a "Leadership" test unique to scientology that is exclusively about "assigning correct source" (one gets a perfect score by answering everything with the ideal of follow LRH "to the letter" rather than "thinking for yourself").

Yet, when it comes to their black PR campaigns, all their "sincerely held religious beliefs" go out the window. Only a single overarching policy rules the day: Fair Game.