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Blog: Scientology Clearwater Hissy Fit - 2017-04-25

F376.png Scientology Clearwater Hissy Fit April 25, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

It did not take long for the smiling, glad-handing, magnanimous Miscavige to revert to form as the bully throwing a hissy fit because the minions did not kowtow and give in to his every wish.

When Miscavige goes all hissy, Muffins Yingling soon appears. Sure enough, she chimed in:

A scathing letter sent to the Pinellas Commission Monday by Scientology Attorney Monique Yingling accuses Clearwater Marine Aquarium of fiscal foolhardiness and gouging taxpayers. "Astoundingly, CMA rejected $15 million in private funding, and is now essentially asking to recoup that amount from taxpayer funds," Yingling wrote.