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Blog: Scientology Contraction - 2013-09-23

F376.png Scientology Contraction September 23, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Thank you all for your reports from around the world. These reports provide a snapshot of the Church of Scientology in its current state.

This is only a sampling, and I hope that others will continue to send in reports from their areas so this can be added to with more detailed information and it can become a useful source of true information for Scientologists and the media.

One of the reasons for doing this is that every time Pinocchio Pouw "speaks", or a church lawyer stands up in court, their Miscavige penned statements drone on about the fabulous international expansion of Scientology under the brilliant guidance of David Miscavige. The claims are familiar — 25 or 37 "new churches" opened over the last "few years". Greater expansion in the last few years than in the combined 5 decades previously. 10 million Scientologists. "More than 10,000 Orgs, Missions and 'related groups'" and some idiocy about square footage of buildings purchased or under renovation.