Blog: Scientology Deaths and Suicides - 2020-07-27

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F376.png Scientology Deaths and Suicides July 27, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

People are asking for our thoughts regarding recent tragic events. We can only offer facts about scientology teachings and our opinions on them — we don't have firsthand information concerning the details of Kelly Preston or Benjamin Keough's deaths, though, when it comes to scientology and scientologists, there are other factors that come into play - factors that are contained in the "scripture" of scientology that give a particularly dark tint to these terribly sad events.

The heartbreakingly unfortunate truth is people commit suicide every single day, and people die of breast cancer every single day.

Scientology goes to great lengths to claim they don't offer medical treatment or diagnosis and have people sign legal waivers to this effect. But anyone who has ever sat before a scientology registrar (what they call organizational salespeople) knows the waivers are just a way of avoiding lawsuits and government investigations. When you get into scientology beyond the surface appearances, you soon find they claim they can cure all diseases and people pay tens, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars, based on the belief this is possible.