Blog: Scientology Feels the Heat from Leah Remini's Show - 2017-08-22

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F0.png Scientology Feels the Heat from Leah Remini's Show August 22, 2017, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

Crisis ensues inside the Church of Scientology following the debut of season two of Leah Remini's show Scientology and the Aftermath. As reported by Mike Rinder today, the Church's poisonous Office of Special Affairs and its lackeys are sending a stream of e-mails urging Scientologists to write letters to Leah's sponsors.

Long-time Los Angeles Scientologist Joel Philips — who ran Scientology hate websites for many years — is one of the OSA volunteers leading the charge. Here is text from Joel's leaked e-mail with my comments:

Hello Friends,I'm pretty sure you are aware of Leah Remini's show on A & E attacking Scientology and further that is has been nominated for an Emmy in the "Best Informational or Series Special" category. Unbelievable.Currently, we are helping on a campaign to counter and stop this insanity.What is needed and wanted right now are letters (emails) to the *sponsors* of this show. We want them to back off on their support, and without their support, the show will likely be pulled.If you would be willing to write an email, guidelines follow. The content needs to be original from you. Here are some points you can use to help you, but please put them in your own words.Not to support religious hate and bigotry since this leads to violence against people and property.