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Blog: Scientology Free Service - 2018-05-29

F376.png Scientology Free Service May 29, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientology often claims that it does NOT require money before auditing services will be provided. Anyone who has ever been in a scientology org KNOWS this is a lie.

But scientology continues to make this claim, because it makes them sound "humanitarian" and beneficent. It is also one of the lies they foisted off on the IRS, claiming a large percentage of their services were delivered "free of charge." Of course, they did not mention that "free services" are "introductory" services, the ones designed to get you in the door and sitting in front of a "registrar" who gets you to pay for your first "real" service (still inexpensive compared to what is to come). Or they are free "tape plays" or "Sunday Services" — that nobody attends.

Scientology even claims they have a "Free Scientology Center" where auditing is provided at no charge to charity cases.