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Blog: Scientology Golden Age Of SP Declares - 2013-06-09

F376.png Scientology Golden Age Of SP Declares June 9, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The Golden Age of "Suppressive Persons"

For many years now the Church of Scientology has been declaring people as "suppressive" as control mechanism in a losing battle to limit questioning and criticism of the David Miscagive's Brave New Scientology World. (See Disconnection Scientology's Nasty Secret to understand this practice)

The impetus for this survey was the response to a series of postings on the subject of Disconnection and particularly one concerning "SP Declares" . I wondered what the bigger picture looked like. I know my own experience and that of others I had read about or spoken to, but I was curious just what is this new breed of SP?