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Blog: Scientology Inc - Operation Censorship - 2012-10-07

F0.png Scientology Inc - Operation Censorship October 7, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

references: Busted! Scientology Spies in South Texas and The Rest of the Story - Scientology Spies in Texas

If you really want to understand what it is like defying Scientology Inc. oppression, you need to reach back in history for data of comparable magnitude. That is because there is no other organization in the age of information that acts quite like Scientology Inc. The institution is an anachronism. You would need to look for examples from Cold War CIA, KGB, and STASI (East German state security intelligence agency) to really get the picture. In the past I have recommended an award-winning movie to people who really want to understand and get a feel for the experience. It is called The Lives of Others. You can order the movie through netflix. Given current events, it is more relevant than ever. Here is a trailer:

Compare the trailer, and the movie when you get the chance, to recent events posted on this blog. To make the parallel even more fitting, one should consider what I am consistently doing between sessions, blogging, dealing with incoming harassment and running an underground railroad. That is, that which David Miscavige is attempting to derail more than any of that. I am writing books about Scientology. During the entire spy catching incident playing out in my sleepy town over the past two weeks, I was reviewing proofs of a new book I am publishing in the next week. The book may be the definitive piece on 'What Your Donations to Scientology Inc Buy'. What those fees buy couldn't be more at odds with what Scientologists are led to believe that they buy. Recent events speak to the credibility of what you will read when the book is available. The magnitude of efforts to silence me speak to the importance of the information I am working on conveying in a meaningful and long lasting context.