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Blog: Scientology Infiltrates Carnegie Mellon University - 2014-03-07

F0.png Scientology Infiltrates Carnegie Mellon University March 7, 2014, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

The following is a report from Invest Aide OSA INT (Office of Special Affairs International, the propaganda and dirty tricks arm of David Miscavige's church of Scientology International) on dealing with Scientology critic David S. Touretzky - professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Note that it is titled "DR". That stands for Daily Report. There are dozens of these daily reports in OSA INT files on Touretzky. There are hundreds of such reports on more effective critics. There are thousands of these types of reports on those critics whom David Miscavige considers a threat to himself personally and who have withstood Scientology's wrath over time. Ask yourself: should United States taxpayers be subsidizing an organization that spends its considerable dollars on such hijinks? And, what is with Scientology's apparent predilection for inserting sex toys into their operations?

April 27, 2006