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Blog: Scientology Lies and Going Clear - 2015-02-22

F376.png Scientology Lies and Going Clear February 22, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientology has launched their usual ad hominem attacks on Alex Gibney and Going Clear.

Every person interviewed or associated with the film is subject to the scientology smear campaign. Even now including attempting to "dead agent" Alex Gibney by claiming his deceased father was some sort of "CIA Propagandist" and thus "the apple didn't fall far from the tree." This sort of insanity makes them the object of universal derision.

A couple of days ago they fired what they thought was another in the apparently unending stream of shots across HBO's bow. Like those that have preceded them, it turns out it was simply another footbullet. It seems they have a short memory when it comes to what THEY have said and the documents that prove it. They think that because they can pretend to their clubbed seals that such documents don't exist that they don't exist in the real world. It's amusing to watch them proclaim that documents exposing their lies are conveniently "lost" or "never existed" — yet they are happy to dig out O/W write ups from pc folders that are 20 years old to "prove" anyone who disagrees with them is a degenerate criminal. It seems the only things that never get lost in scientology are documents about their self appointed enemies.