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Blog: Scientology Loves The Internet -- But For "Wogs" Only - 2013-08-07

F376.png Scientology Loves The Internet -- But For "Wogs" Only August 7, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here is a recent item that came in from one of our correspondents.

What is interesting is the double standard it presents without any apparent irony.

It is promoting the wonders of the internet and spewing out a bunch of meaningless statistics — for all the massive advertising and hundreds of linked sites and millions spent to make their internet presence so "powerful" my blog — which has NO budget, no team working on it and no massive advertising is consistently ranked HIGHER than by Alexa! But set aside the stat mumbo jumbo and the feeble "successes" (this is seriously the best they could come up with out of millions of supposed visitors clamoring for information about Scientology on the internet?) this is saying we are spending your money to create a presence on the internet.