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Blog: Scientology New Year's Hype - 2016-01-04

F376.png Scientology New Year's Hype January 4, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

On New Year's Day I posted a comment to my Facebook page welcoming in the new year with some humor from David Miscavige's address to the faithful sheeple at the event in Los Angeles.

A few other observations beyond noting the utter gibberish he spouted about compressed time and warp speed, a year equivalent to "a thousand years of triumph" and "arriving on the porch of eternity."

I am ignoring the horrendous (from his perspective) events of the year that he also ignored. They need not be recounted, it suffices merely to say the words "Going Clear" passed the lips of orders of magnitude more people who had never set foot inside a scientology entity than even the most enthusiastic rah-rahs in the reg offices around the scientology world.