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Blog: Scientology Plays The Religious Persecution Card - 2015-02-21

F376.png Scientology Plays The Religious Persecution Card February 21, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

In the face of the enormous interest and critical acclaim for Alex Gibney's Going Clear documentary, Scientology is in panic mode. So, they do what they have always done in times of disaster: fall back on trying to gain sympathy by claiming to be the object of bigotry and religious persecution.

In typical arrogant Miscavige style, he refused to cooperate in making the film, not agreeing to an interview and making sure nobody else under his spell did either. It was a strategy he has used plenty of times in the past. And once the reporting is done, the whining begins: "they only looked at one side of the story," "they ignored all our information." It's the "victim of the media" card. But that tactic seems to be losing traction. People have caught on to the game and realize scientology tries to manipulate the media far more than it manipulates them. Not many fall into that category, but scientology has managed to scratch and claw its way into such an unenviable position.

Neither do people find the scientology "dead agent" smears convincing. In fact, they are more often than not seen today as proof that the central contentions of the "critics" and media (and this new movie will be the ultimate in this regard) are born out by the the church responses.