Blog: Scientology Promoting HBO Documentary - 2015-01-16

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F376.png Scientology Promoting HBO Documentary January 16, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientology is apparently hell bent on turning Alex Gibney's upcoming documentary into a major hit. More power to them.

The New York Times reports the church is taking out full page ads to denounce a film they have not seen. This is every PR man's dream. The HBO PR Team should send them a thank you basket.

With The Interview so fresh in everyone's mind, the chances of scientology convincing anyone this is a "UVA/Rolling Stone redux" are slim to none. The take away is more likely to be persuading/intriguing people to see the film because scientology hates it with such vengeance. These days, being on the scientology hate list as a Nixon Enemies list style badge of honor and endorsement that you are doing something right. Leah Remini is Exhibit One for that proposition.