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Blog: Scientology and "The Mechanism of Death" - 2016-09-19

F376.png Scientology and "The Mechanism of Death" September 19, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Most religious belief is purely subjective. There is no way of proving whether someone made it to heaven, or descended to hell. Was heaven a 5 star experience or a bit disappointing? Did the virgin birth really occur? Was Noah able to round up all the animals on earth and put them on his ark?

Where scientology is most problematic is when Hubbard made pronouncements that seemed unverifiable at the time, but are now shown to be ridiculous. Some of his statements about being on Venus or Mars for example. Or the supposed factual account of the History of Man including the Piltdown Man before it was discovered a fraud. And then there are statements like the ones contained in this promotional piece, proclaiming cause over life and death.

Surely in all these years one person who heard these lectures or had the auditing would have been able to experience death and come back to talk about it? Why do scientologists keep regurgitating this sort of thing, pretending there is nothing strange about promoting it in the face of evidence it is not true. There hasn't been a single person since the 1950s who has been able to demonstrate the claims?