Blog: Scientology in Pakistan: Dianetics Islamabad - 2019-07-11

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F0.png Scientology in Pakistan: Dianetics Islamabad July 11, 2019, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

The Dianetics Center of Islamabad, Pakistan is managed by Los Angeles Scientologists Marijke and Zahid Qureshi. Why Dianetics Islamabad cannot be trusted to have local management raises serious concerns: Why doesn't Scientology senior management trust local Pakistani Dianeticists to run their own Dianetics center?

Dianetics Islamabad is using Scientology's deceptive human rights program in an attempt to infiltrate Pakistan. Marijke Qureshi is pictured below (center) at a Scientology human rights event in Pakistan this past April:

Marijke Qureshi made a video for Scientology's website in which she fawned over and praised David Miscavige. She and her husband Zahid are associated with Scientology's Burbank mission according to the video she made.