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Blog: Scientology is NOT a Business... Wink, Wink - 2019-07-09

F376.png Scientology is NOT a Business... Wink, Wink July 9, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientology repeatedly claims: "We are a religion engaged in matters of the spiritual plane, not the worldly." They managed to convince strong arm the IRS into granting them tax exempt status as an exempt "religious" organization on this basis.

Their words AND actions (believe what you hear AND what you see) prove that is just a facade.

Normally this promotional piece would be another one of the Thursday Funnies — there are literally HUNDREDS of similar items from scientology organizations all over the world claiming that scientology can make you "flourish and prosper" and give you the tools to attain an affluent existence etc etc etc