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Blog: Shelly Miscavige Why She Stays - 2013-07-17

F376.png Shelly Miscavige Why She Stays July 17, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Tony Ortega continues on a roll of excellent reporting on the Leah Remini story, and again this morning has another very worthwhile piece. Whatever you may think of his personal views of Scientology (which after all, he IS entitled to), you have to admire his courage, his persistence and the network of sources he has built up over many years who feel he is a safe and reliable outlet for their information. He also writes clearly and well and takes the time to explain and include information to make understandable what can often be an impossibly arcane and confusing subject to the uninitiated.

His reporting this morning on Shelly Miscavige should be read by anyone interested in Scientology.

It is most fortunate that Tony has been providing such good reading as I have been otherwise occupied over the past couple of days, but should be back to normal tomorrow.