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Blog: Signs of the Times - 2020-04-20

F376.png Signs of the Times April 20, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

In lieu of Thursday Funnies, we have a few things that have flopped over the transom that make for entertaining reading in these strange times.

If you were wondering what the Sea Org "management" people are doing (in the Continental Liaison Offices and at the Flag Bureau) this gives a clue. The "managers" in EUS are "delivering" extension courses.

With the orgs having little or no income, these management units are really struggling to come up with a few dollars for food. Their income, meager as it is, comes from the orgs. When the orgs make 0, the SO Units make 0. The difference is, in the orgs most of those people have homes and families they can fall back on. I wonder if the SO members got "stimulus checks" from "Donald Trump" — if so, I imagine they were turned over to their org to cover food expenses.