Blog: So How Big is the Church of Scientology Really? - 2010-03-27

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F0.png So How Big is the Church of Scientology Really? March 27, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

I always look forward to hearing from hard-line Scientologists. I look forward to their trenchant arguments, their razor-sharp wit and their compelling facts and statistics. This morning someone calling themselves "Truth" decided to weigh in. Within seven minutes, they had written four posts. One supposes that they had to get their stats up. Some of the gems from his/her posts:

"Yes, this site is entheta. Just bad stuff, bad news, nonsense. Bunch of bitchy girls together," and "You must be a psychotic to waste time like this," and "Your thoughts are without any logic, as you try to spread around your lies, automatically, over the blog." In other words, the usual.

But they did present one "argument," which goes like this: "David Miscavige is one of greatest leaders in the world. How else could anyone hold and control such a large organization like Scientology?"