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Blog: Solve It With Scientology - 2014-04-03

F376.png Solve It With Scientology April 3, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A lesson from the rewritten history of the Church of Scientology. Truly a blast from the past and a sort of time capsule into how things were 25 years ago before the Vulture Culture became the order of the day.

People talk about the "good old days." Others sometimes comment that there were no "good old days" because everything was always bad because everything sprang from the evil mind of L. Ron Hubbard. Well, this makes for interesting reading, as it is evidence that at least one thing about the church really HAS changed dramatically, and it is not because of what LRH wrote. Back in the 70's and 80's there may have been heavy regging — but it was exclusively for services. And that IS a different kettle of fish from today's stinking carcass.

In today's Vulture Culture, regging for donations, or "fundraising" as it has now been renamed, is the order of the day and nobody gives it a second thought. In fact, it is the first thought of all dedicated bubbledwellers. They are hailed or hated depending on their fundraising. They became "internationally famous celebrities" based on their ability to squeeze donations.