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Blog: South African Hype - 2017-04-12

F376.png South African Hype April 12, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here we go again, more ridiculous hype. Opening their abandoned castle as an "AO" is going to solve crime, drugs, poverty, education, disease and political dishonesty... By getting a handful of people to "blow off" their BT's and Clusters? And I do mean a handful. This is not the JOB of an Advanced Org — that is the job of Missions and Class 5 orgs to reach into society and change conditions.

But these are obviously the "buttons" in South Africa, so they pitch people with "we will solve these things with an AO" and assume the sheeple will not stop to think "Why would an AO make any difference to these things? If we wanted to accomplish that why aren't we opening missions or at least giving money to do that..."

They know their audience. They tell them anything and they buy it.